Thursday, October 11, 2007

Paper Nor Plastic Reusable Bags

These reusable bags from Paper Nor Plastic are great. I received two of them when I had some of my clothing designs in an eco-friendly fashion show in Vegas. I use them all of the time. They are really strong, much stronger than any of the other reusable bags I have. I have loaded them up beyond belief with no problems. My Whole foods bags, which seem like little more than really strong paper ripped shortly after I bought them. Trader joe's also has some great bags, but they really don't compare to these Paper Nor Plastic bags. They have a deal when you buy three at $9.99 each you get one free.


KiWi said...

very cool

Di said...

I just found you through your post in Etsy forums, and I can't believe I missed such an awesome blog! Thanks so much for making the effort to look for true green goodies among indie artists.